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There Is No Such Thing as Day of Coordination

We would say the average planner will answer with a similar response to day of coordination questions. “There is no such thing as day of coordination”. The terms day of coordination is often rejected by planners as, there is no way to coordinate a wedding in just one days worth of work. For us, day of coordination transforms into month of coordination or even sometime three month coordination.

Even through we might not have been involved in planning and picking your vendors from day one, we still want to make sure you have the most special yet laid back day of your life! We can’t do that if we show up empty-headed to what is happening the day of your wedding.

For Dusk To Dawn Events we like to start our Month of Coordination three months out, here is what that timeline looks like!

After Contract

Once the contract is signed, we offer a welcome consultation and give clients access to our premium planning software, Aisle Planner. At this point, we show clients what we need from them, where to organize that information, and then give them free reign of the portal.

Two Months Out

Virtual Consultation

For our coordination clients, we meet again two months before the wedding. We'll help you create a to do list and tie up loose ends. During our call, we'll help you curate a timeline or review a timeline that you've put together. The vendor information you uploaded to the portal will be verified.

Vendor Coordination

After our call we'll introduce ourselves to your vendors, and let them know what they can expect from us over the next few weeks. We'll coordinate their arrival times and answer any questions about your wedding.

One Month Out

Final Venue Walkthrough

We'll meet with your venue and Catering POC to do a physical venue walkthrough. This will help ensure all of the major parties are familiar with the venue. The timeline and diagram will be discussed and reviewed to make sure your event is set for smooth sailing.

Ceremony Rehearsal

You, your wedding party, and immediate families will meet at the venue. We'll do a quick wedding day run-through and then practice the ceremony line-up and procession. Your friends and family will know how to walk, where to stand, and when to recess. The officiant may be present to run through a few details (or maybe not) and then we'll do it all again if we need to. This is a great time to give us boxes or personal décor you may want us to set out, if it can't be stored at the venue.

The Day of

The day of your wedding we typically arrive to manage set-up 2-3 hours prior to the ceremony start. We'll help direct vendors and begin setting up your personal décor. imelines and diagrams will be available if anyone forgot their copy! Here in Northern Virginia you never know what the weather is going to be. We will help make weather calls and communicate with all your vendors if changes are made to the plan.

As the ceremony approaches we’ll check in on you and make sure you know how much time you have before the ceremony. We’ll make sure bridesmaids have their bouquets and groomsmen have their bouts. We’ll get your wedding party lined up and ready to walk for the ceremony and then- you get married, finally after such a long wait! Then the fun starts- we manage your timeline and make sure you don’t forget to cut the cake or toss your bouquet in all the hustle and bustle of your day. Speaking of bustle, we will show up to bustle your dress in an emergency in case we can’t find mom or maid of honor.

If emergencies arise, we'll manage them while advocating for your best interest, and ask for back-up if we need it.

When it’s all said and done, we will pack up your personal items and send them with the designee so nothing gets left behind.

If by this point you have realized-

There is no such thing as day of coordination...

We wouldn't be able to do it without first learning about you and your wedding plans. Can you imagine if we just showed up the day of your wedding without wrapping up planning in the months prior?


Would you like to learn more about our wedding coordination services?

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