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Wedding Planning is not one size fits all.

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Full-er Service Planning

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Wedding planning is not one size fits all... For couples who need someone to hold their hand and walk them through the planning process or for the couple who simply doesn't have enough hours in the day to plan their wedding, our full-er service planning is the way to go. 

We start with our partial planning as the base package, and offer customized add-ons to make planning as hands off and time saving as you'd like. We'll set up a collaborative portal through Aisle Planner, where you'll have access to our wedding planner software with comprehensive to do list, vendor and budget management tools, and much more! You're still in control of the vision and decision making, we'll just make the process more efficient. 

Ranging from vendor research to full communication management, the help you need is fully curated to fit your style and budget.

Our average full-er service client has a wedding budget of more than $60,000.00 and invests $6,000.00 into wedding planning.

Partial Planning

​To ensure that no detail is left behind, partial planning provides professional guidance from our team every step of the way. With unlimited access to us via email and monthly phone or video calls, our premium event planning software and client portal will help you stay organized while we provide gentle pushes in the right direction. 


From conception and budgeting, we can provide referrals to our favorite vendors and review contracts to make sure you hire the perfect team for your event. Our partial planning package will help to alleviate the stress and make sure you stay on track while planning your wedding.

Our average Partial Planning Client has a wedding budget of $40,000.00 and invests $3,000.00 into partial planning.

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Event Coordination

This package covers the help you need to efficiently manage your big day. Our expert team will begin working with you two months prior to your big day to make sure that your details are wrapping up as planned. From contract, you’ll have access to a client portal allowing you to organize all your details, tasks, and vendors. We’ll start with a welcome consultation to ensure you are familiar with the portal and the planning tools you have access to.

The day of your wedding, your lead planner and day of assistants will arrive to help set-up your personal items, and to oversee general set-up provided by your vendor team. We will act as your personal alarm clock to ensure that not only everything is running smoothly, but also on time. We’ll be onsite from set-up to break-down, to take all the small tasks off your plate and to make sure you and your loved ones get truly be present for one of the most special days of your life.

Packages start at $1,700.00, but our average client invests $1,800.00 into coordination.

Don't See What You're Looking for?

Are you looking for wedding services that aren't listed above? As a local wedding planner, we're happy to connect and chat about your vision and needs to see if we're a good fit for your wedding planning service needs!

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